Cambridgefroggie upgrades (bilingual articles) !!!

Dear reader,

From now on this blog is not reserved to frogs and other French-speaking readers!

Bilingual articles are marked with a star (*) in the title, and you just have to scroll down past the French version to get the English one.

As the frog in charge of the translation is anything but bilingual, there may be a few mistakes, sorry for that – and feel free to let me know about it (I won’t bite you, I promise).

A few articles have already been translated, but more will come in English version in the next few days and weeks, so keep a look out 🙂

In the meantime, I am pleased to give you the links to the first bilingual articles:

Traumatic recollections : how Froggie learnt English

We tested for you : the NHS (joys and pains of the British healthcare system)

* Procrastination (2)

For those who still deny the theory of evolution

The Wonderful Adventures of Froggie and Roger (episode 1)

* The Wonderful Adventures of Froggie and Roger (episode 2)

The Wonderful Adventures of Froggie and Roger (episode 3)

* Word of the day: Fire drill

Voilà, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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Froggishly yours,